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The categorization and the productization of Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) are simply WRONG.

As the public demands an ethical treatment of data, it’s essential for the industry to evolve away from implementing Data-as-a-Service in its current form, instead, let’s focus on building an ethical data infrastructure.  Here at Adara, we are constantly researching ways to help companies develop an ethical data practice that earns the trust of your customers, your community and your employees.

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Taking Advantage of the Post Lockdown Travel Boom

Check out the latest byline by Carolyn Corda, CMO and CCO at Adara, published in and get an insight into why the travel industry needs to rebuild how it communicates with its customers. Carolyn shares key considerations around using data more wisely and the importance of data partnerships as we enter the post-covid era of travel.

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Hotels Can Afford to Be Greedy as 2021 Enters its Final Quarter

The predictable travel behaviors of the past are no longer, and hotel marketers have formed a habit of attracting the bookings that they can in the short term. As a result, traditional revenue management strategies have fallen by the wayside.
Read the latest byline by Adara’s CMO and CCO, Carolyn Corda, in Phocuswire about how hotel marketers can adapt their marketing strategy to cater to the post-pandemic traveler behavior and finish the 2021 quarter strong.

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Avoiding the Digital Learning Curve: How marketers can ensure CTV is effective now

CTV sounds like a marketers’ dream: the big screen, premium content, and a brand-safe environment. However, the inventory is not as plentiful as many would like, and often buying takes brands outside of their established partners. The benefits, though, outweigh the cons.
Read the latest byline in Performance Marketing World by Carolyn Corda, CMO & CCO at Adara about how marketers can approach this technology the right way and ensure their CTV buys are targeted and genuine to stay ahead of the game.

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Three Ways to Get the Most Out of CTV

Connected TV is the latest ‘big thing’ among advertisers, as brands seek to learn more about this format and how it can help them reach their audience. Having been one of the few beneficiaries of the pandemic, today CTV is a premium tool.
Read the latest byline by Carolyn Corda, CMO and CCO at Adara, where she highlights how advertisers can start to maximise their use of this channel in three key ways.

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How brands can move forward as third-party cookies are phased out

While the pandemic might seem like the only issue that should worry airline and hotel business leaders, there is another ongoing story that could further derail the industry: the death of the third-party cookie.

In this recent byline in, Carolyn Corda, CMO & CCO at Adara looks at one of the biggest challenges facing travel marketers today and suggests three methods by which marketers can adapt to the new digital ecosystem.

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There is a tremendous appetite for revenge travel in Asia

Check out the latest byline by Carolyn Corda, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Commercial Officer of ADARA, as she discusses the travel trends in Asia and how brands and marketers are navigating a cookieless future in this #CMOZone interview with MartechAsia.

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Google Proves that Travel Marketers Need a New Targeting Strategy

Travel marketers might read the news about Google Chrome deciding to push their phase-out of third-party cookies by nearly two years with a sense of relief. That timing means that the industry is now looking at flipping the switch from mid-2023 to late 2023, both far but also relatively close to Chrome’s initial goal of the “beginning of 2022”.

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