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Winter U.S. Outbound Flight Bookings vs. Hotel Bookings: Diaspora and Non-Diaspora Travel

Outbound travel from the U.S. is soaring this winter. Travelers are beyond the fear posed by health concerns and are exploring the world with newfound enthusiasm. Many are looking forward to escaping the cold and venturing to warm, sunny destinations. Caribbean islands, Mexico and Central American countries are expected to be top choices, offering not only beautiful beaches and mild weather but also a sense of safety and comfort. Moreover, as air travel improves, travelers can explore more distant locations, making this winter an ideal time to rekindle the joy of travel and create cherished memories abroad. Whether it’s a tropical beach escape, a European cultural sojourn, or an adventure in exotic destinations, winter 2023 promises to be a season of exploration, reconnection and unforgettable experiences for outbound travelers from the U.S.


India is on Top for Outbound Flight Bookings – But There’s a Catch

India dominates year-end outbound travel from the U.S. for all categories of flyers, be it novice, frequent, or top-tier flyers. 30% of all international leisure travel bookings worldwide are for India as the Indian diaspora flies back for winter vacation in India. There are non-diaspora vacationers as well, who are traveling to India to enjoy the warm beaches of Goa and Kerala.

However, India doesn’t show up on the list as a top destination when we look at outbound hotel booking data from the U.S. This may be attributed to many travelers to India not booking hotels in the country, as they are headed home or visiting friends. The same holds for Colombia, Peru and Brazil. Outbound flights from the U.S. to these Latin American countries are booked in high numbers, but hotels are not.

Rank Top 10 Destination Countries (Based on Flight Bookings) Share of Bookings
1 India 30%
2 Mexico 22%
3 U.K. 8%
4 Japan 7%
5 Philippines 6%
6 Costa Rica 5%
7 Colombia 5%
8 Spain 5%
9 Dominican Republic 5%
10 Italy 5%

Source: Adara, a RateGain Company

Vacationers Looking to Warm Caribbean Beaches and Classic Favorites

Looking at outbound travel data for hotel bookings, we find that vacationers are looking to warmer locales closer to home. Popular destinations include Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Aruba, Jamaica and the Bahamas. Mexico tops the list, at 40% of outbound bookings. The popularity of European favorites continues with a high proportion of hotel bookings in the U.K. France, and Spain.

Rank Top 10 Destination Countries (Based on Hotel Bookings) Share of Bookings
1 Mexico 40%
2 U.K. 9%
3 Dominican Republic 9%
4 France 8%
5 Canada 7%
6 Aruba 6%
7 Japan 6%
8 Spain 6%
9 Jamaica 5%
10 The Bahamas 5%

Source: Adara, a RateGain Company

It’s All About Luxury in the Caribbean









Diving deeper into hotel booking data, we find that vacationers from the U.S. are ready to splurge on luxury in the Caribbean. 82% of hotel bookings in the Caribbean from the U.S. are for rooms with an ADR of more than $300, primarily in the full-service and luxury segments. The demand for cruises has also surged in the region as travelers from the U.S. and U.K., who preferred Middle Eastern destinations at the beginning of the year, are now looking at the Caribbean as a safer alternative.

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