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How We Do It

Identity Graph

Activate your Marketing with Precision and Scale

Audience Solutions powered by Adara’s Identity Graph

Better engagement can be achieved by customer-centric marketing that delivers and measures customer experience across channels. Marketers’ need for a solution is amplified by increasing data challenges coupled with stringent privacy regulations making it difficult to build a complete view of customers.

The Adara Identity Graph is based on real verified identities across geographical regions and multiple sources. The Adara Identity Graph recognizes individuals, offline and online, across channels and devices. It is privacy-safe as the Adara Identity Graph resolves identities to an anonymous ID at the individual level.

What is the Adara Identity Graph?

Identity Resolution

Resolves identities at the individual level by linking a collection of known customer identifiers that can be associated with one another

Identity Recognition

Recognizes individuals, offline and online, across channels and devices

Secured and Privacy Safe

Identities are resolved to an anonymous ID powered by Adara’s proprietary Privacy SDK

Why Adara?

Real Verified Identities

Adara’s cross industry data partners ensure that our ID Graph is based on real verified and consented data


1.7 Billion global digital identities from our 300+ data partners


Adara’s Identity management is built for streaming and near-real time processing to ensure data is always fresh

Proven Outcomes


Build relevant customer profiles with verified data to power truly personalized marketing.

and Attribution

Identity resolution helps track outcomes throughout the customer journey

Data Security
and Compliance

Secured and future proof compliance by way of the Adara Privacy Token