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What We Do

For Agencies

Empowering Digital Agencies
to Deliver Better Outcomes & Win More Customers

Leverage real-time audience data sets to inform, measure, and accelerate outcomes for your clients

The evolving digital marketing landscape will make the digital agency’s privacy-first approach to its solutions more challenging, hampering its ability to find the right audiences and deliver results.

Adara has curated audiences with over 300 data partners for use across various verticals





Performance on Day 1

Whether you apply one of our 6000+ high-intent real-time audiences or we create a machine-learned audience for you

Global Scale

With data partners across the globe, Adara can service customers no matter their geo-target

Daily Refresh

Audiences are never stale, as they refresh daily within the platform


Take advantage of these audiences across all active channels – display, video, native, search, social media, CTV, etc.

Your Trusted Partner

We understand how challenging it is to find trusted, reliable, and high-performing data sets to drive your digital solutions. That’s why we started with privacy in mind, 10 years ago before privacy was a trend.

We build privacy-first data sets with this foundation that can be deployed to your digital marketing stack to enable trusted innovation for your solutions.

It’s easy to get started

Speak to one of our Sales Executives about the goals you’re trying to achieve and the audiences you’d like to reach.

We’ll send the audiences to your platform of choice using Adara Cortex

You can target them in your campaigns.