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Advertising Campaigns

Drive Bookings to your Hotel, Destination or Attraction with little effort and maximum return

Situation Analysis:

Adara has always worked towards helping destinations become more competitive, drive better performance and achieve the desired results. The pandemic, with its resource crunch and need for smarter decision making, pushed us to reevaluate our managed media strategy and how we can continue to drive the same great results and level of service.

Your Problem Analysis:
Limited Bandwidth + Added Responsibilities

Let’s face it. Travel teams were crushed by the pandemic. You wore too many hats and you still have them on. The last thing you need is another platform to manage. Enter Adara’s Managed Services.

Adara’s Solution Statement:
Adara Managed Services

Our vision is to make data accessible in whatever way it needs to be used by destinations.

Why choose Managed Services with Adara?

We do the heavy lifting, your bottom line reaps the benefits

1. Target drive market travelers

2. Target frequent

3. AI audiences perform up to 20X better than competing audiences.

4. Target past visitors for repeat travel.

5. Target people that are in-market for travel, yet undecided.

6. Target people that spend more and stay longer, via credit card & intent data.

7. Target people, not devices.

8. Quantify the impact of your advertising down to the last dollar.

9. Avoid becoming obsolete. Work with the latest and greatest AdTech & cookieless targeting.

10. Avoid confusing stakeholders with KPIs that require explanation.

11. Reports that justify your spending of public funds.

12. Work with your own strategic advisors who optimize campaigns.

Designed BY destination marketers FOR destination marketers.

Sample pages:

Campaign Overview

Daily Analysis

Creative Analysis

The Adara Advantage

Our Competitors

Targeting Source:
Heavy Reliance on Retargeting

Targeting Criteria:
Just Visited Your Site

Decision Stage:
Ready to Book

Data Type:
Basic: Website Visitation Data,
Some Booking Data

Targeting Type:
Primitive Targeting Tactics 


Targeting Source:
Adara Data Partners (1.7BN digital identities)

Targeting Criteria:
Shopping for Travel

Decision Stage:
Undecided Travelers

Data Type:
Comprehensive: Intent Data, Real-time
Booking Data, Credit Card Data, Adara
Signals and Scores

Targeting Type:
Predictive Intelligence & AI Audiences

Getting Started:

  1. Contact us for more information
  2. Set up a Discovery call with Sales/CSM
  3. Kick off an Insertion Order
  4. Sign off at client end
  5. Adara collects campaign set-up items (pixeling, KPIs, creative tags, audience targeting, etc)
  6. Campaign Go Live with Preferred Activation Partner

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