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What We Do

For Brands

Create Better Connections
to Drive More Customer Engagement and Profitability

Due to the increasing power of walled-gardens, heightened consumer expectations, changing regulatory environment and tracking protocols, brands are challenged to effectively engage with their customers in a meaningful way.

Only Adara can help you bring together a complete view of the customer and know what customers need next.


data elements


data partners


digital identities





Adara’s AI-driven, privacy-first platform enables safe and transparent data sharing that fuels insights into what customers need next.

Leading consumer brands rely on Adara to deliver both respectful and meaningful customer engagement powered by predictive intelligence.

Acquire New Customers
and Drive More Purchases

Leverage global, real-time intent and transaction data to deliver personalized products and messages across all stages of the customer journey

Deepen Customer Relationships

Maximize revenue from each and every customer through relevant and timely communications.

Customer Insights
and Trends

Gain deeper insights and understanding to know what customers need next and better inform your strategy.

Protect Your Customers and Your Brand

Recognize your customers and eliminate fraud with Adara’s dynamic digital identity intelligence.