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How We Do It

Our Data

Get a holistic view
of consumer data.

Adara sees what you don’t — behavior outside of your own brand interactions.

In today’s competitive marketplace, only knowing how your customers interact with you is not sufficient. Winning organizations seek to expand their customer insight to ensure that each communication and offer is relevant and compelling.

Adara delivers the richest and most actionable, real-time data

Breadth and Scale

Leveraging breadth and scale with predictive analytics to  effectively and precisely tailor and target your communications.

Across Travel, Finance, Experience and Retail sectors


Searching, purchase and intent behaviors across Travel, Finance, Experience and Retail provide unique data points to better predict and influence consumer behavior in real-time. Distinctive profile insights such as loyalty program level, entertainment interests and home ownership, provide strategic understanding about the consumer. These attributes are continuously updated ensuring that you’ve got the freshest intelligence to act on.


Adara’s data helps you find nuance and insight that allows you to be persuasive and relevant. Searching and purchase behaviors for travel, entertainment, dining and home, speak to the underlying values of a consumer. We see it all, enabling you to better predict and influence consumer behavior

Only Adara can help you bring together a complete view of the customer
and know what customers need next.


Researches beach destinations and activities


Searches for flight to Hawaii

RSVP to niece’s birthday party


Searches for hotel in Hawaii

Books flight to Hawaii


Makes dinner reservations

Searches for new home.


Books hotel in Hawaii

Buys tickets to basketball game