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CRM & Loyalty

Power More Insightful Customer Engagement

Adara’s data turbocharges your consumer engagement engine
throughout the three key stages

Target Value

Identify high potential customers and develop a predictive understanding of their behaviors by augmenting your own first party data with Adara’s AI-driven consumer intelligence.


Bring compelling context to personalize every consumer touchpoint in every channel to deliver more meaningful interactions that anticipate consumer needs and preferences.

Measure and Optimize

Adara’s extensive data set delivers valuable feedback on campaign and wallet-share performance to further enhance our AI-models ensuring performance and scalability.

Adara’s CRM and Loyalty solutions provide the unrivaled data assets you need to fuel an unbeatable, omni-channel customer engagement solution

Website personalization


Search results


Outbound marketing

Personalized interactions and offer management across all channels — Email, text, mobile push, conversational ai, kiosk, call center, front office

Loyalty marketing

Tier challenge campaigns, membership enrollments, reactivation/winback, co-branded credit cards

Performance tracking & Optimization

Campaign attribution and measurement

Wallet share analysis and share shift tracking

Model optimization


Demand forecasting, customer segmentation and customer lifetime value analysis

Winning Through Relevance

Adara’s data and intelligence can significantly improve the performance of any customer engagement platform you use.

Compelling, personally relevant interactions.

Stronger brand affinity
and loyalty.

And enhanced profitability and competitive advantage for your business.