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Destination Expenditure Reports

Understand Visitor Spending Within Your Destination

Credit Card Reporting to Prove Your Marketing Works

Adara’s Destination Expenditure Reports combine traveler data with credit card spend to provide you with the ability to measure traveler economic impact.

As a destination marketing organization, you will get a macro view of the travelers’ spend to understand their economic impact on your market and measure your marketing campaign’s effectiveness. With our partner, Commerce Signals, we’re able to capture 40% of all card transactions including Visa, Mastercard and Discover debit and credit cards.

Destination Report

How travelers are spending across categories and merchants when they are in market

  • Visibility into your entire visitor economy for your destination
  • Access to total credit card spend, number of travelers and average spend per traveler 
  • Data are broken down by origination, age and income

Our Destination Expenditure Reports

How can you find out what visitor spending was for those who saw your marketing and storytelling?

Expenditure Reports with Campaign Measurement
might blow your mind
(this is NOT hyperbole).

Curious to compare visitors’ in-market spend between your destination and a neighboring competitor or competitive set?

Expenditure Reports with Market Share Analysis
are great for this.