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What We Do

For Data Owners

Unlock the Best Monetization Strategy
for your Business

Maximize value and enhance your data through a privacy-first approach

After several years of adapting to a new privacy landscape, the bar has risen and data sharing has never been such a challenge. As a result, the value of your first-party data has never been so high. Data owners that are looking to expand that value beyond your own channels will need the right partner to unlock this potential.

Adara has over a decade’s worth of experience working with data owners to extract value from their data, while safeguarding it through the entire process. We uniquely empower our Data Partners with the flexibility and control to maximize revenue according to their business requirements. Built on top of a best-in-class data rights management platform, we offer a variety of value exchange models to meet your ever-changing needs.

What we offer for data owners

Data Enrichment

Receive actionable scores & signals on your customers

Access to Signals

Unlock the power of Cortex for your customer acquisition needs

Audience Monetization

Revenue share-based

Private Consortiums

Share data with a limited group to support specific business objectives

Learn more about privacy safe data sharing