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Drive Up to 10X Better
Campaign Performance

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Drive Better Decisions Throughout The Customer Lifecycle with Adara’s Predictive Intelligence

Rich data can be informative. But when you combine it with Adara’s ability to predict consumer behavior, it becomes transformative.

Adara’s analytics can drive highly accurate predictions at every step of the analytical process.


Emerging market trends


Customer lifetime value


Look-a-like models

Cross-sell and up-sell models

Attrition models

Measure & Optimize

Campaign attribution

Share of Wallet Analysis

ADARA has one of the largest permissioned data sets that contains rich transactional and behavioral signals gathered from multiple industry verticals.
But this is not enough…

Adara’s 24/7, data science automation, delivers continuous intelligence for adaptive business decisions and processes.

Our approach to delivering predictive intelligence encompasses 4 principles:

Easy to use

Our scores, audiences, and segments are easy to ingest into your own databases and platforms


We do the heavy lifting by refining raw data into amplified data you can use


Our models are back-tested and continuously updated

Advanced techniques

Our automated model pipeline uses advances supervised learning techniques to train models for specific responses

Adara Drives Better Decisions Throughout The Customer Lifecycle with Predictive Intelligence

Adara applies cutting edge technology to  one of the largest, high-fidelity, ethically sourced,  first-party data consortiums. This combination allows us to understand and predict your customers’ preferences and behaviors across digital channels for both customer acquisition and retention.

Without both preferences and behaviors, brands and advertisers are limited in their ability to analyze data patterns to extract insights for optimizing customer relationships.  Further, they risk digital isolation as a result of increasingly restrictive privacy regulations.

Adara reveals actionable consumer intelligence drawn from the ongoing aggregation of data across key discretionary consumer activities–travel, entertainment and real estate.  The outputs include identity profiles, propensity scores and cohorts that help clients better predict and influence consumer behavior.

We can help accelerate your data science team’s  efforts by pre-analyzing your data using derived datasets built on  over 1.8 billion active identifiers, and over 23 billion digital events, across 300 global brands. And we do this continuously, so that your data is always relevant to changing market conditions, and you are equipped to customize new products and offerings which better address an increasingly fragmented digital consumer journey. Your digital teams can engage customers at the right moment with the right products and offers, from acquisition to retention:

Predictive Analysis at Scale:

ADARA curates a list of over 5,000 behavioral and transactional-based features.  Our automated model pipeline uses advanced supervised learning techniques to train models for specific responses.  These models are back tested.  If our models meet your objective, the models are deployed.  The scores are continuously updated and can be delivered to your data warehouse, data consortium, marketing platform, CRM solution or any other  platform dramatically reducing costs associated with data and analytics.