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How We Do It

Adara Privacy SDK

The “Middleware”
for Digital Identities

Match, Harmonize, and Augment All of Your Customers Disparate Digital Identities While Protecting Their Privacy

3rd Party Cookies, the leading source of identity data, are rapidly going away. This is due to an influx in new privacy legislation, leading tech’s pivot away from 3rd party cookies, and shifts in how your customers operate their devices and browsers. In this new reality, how will you match, harmonize, and augment your customer’s digital identities while maintaining their privacy and your compliance?

The answer is to deploy a decentralized, privacy-first approach to manage your customer data and omni-channel ecosystem.

At Adara, we know that the key to maintaining this privacy-centric approach while still accessing the signals, identity matching, and data augmentation that you need is to connect your customers to their digital identities through tokenization.

That is why we created the Adara Privacy SDK. This innovative tokenization technology prioritizes the privacy and security of your customers while enabling you with the ability to derive insights from Adara’s Digital Identity Graph and harmonize the digital identities associated with your customers.

With the Adara Privacy SDK you can:

Link your customers to the over 1 billion digital identities in Adara’s Digital Identity Graph

Harmonize and combine all of your customer’s disparate digital identities

Tokenize your data to protect the privacy of your customers

Avoid breaches of privacy with a decentralized approach to data augmentation

Schedule a demo to learn how you can deploy the Adara Privacy SDK to future-proof your omni-channel strategy and ensure the privacy and security of your customers.