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Cortex Catalog

Unify Your Digital Customer
Engagement Platforms

Graduate from a Point-Solution Digital Customer Engagement by Synchronizing Your Programmatic Segmentation

Programmatic media buying and optimizing have become a painfully nuanced, cumbersome affair. Every platform offers different algorithms, media channels, and ancillary solutions that claim to take your advertising campaign to new heights. The challenge for brands and their agencies is finding the right customers, on the right channel, at the right time–and optimizing spend to ensure maximum ROI.

Adara’s Cortex Catalog provides unprecedented access to more than 1 billion digital identities to enable brands and agencies to segment and activate campaigns across multiple industry-leading marketing platforms. Perhaps for the first time ever, marketers can leverage a truly unified approach to customer engagement.

Cortex is

DSP agnostic

Gain access to 6,000+ pre-built segments to personalize digital engagement across DV360, The Trade Desk, Facebook, and more.

Media channel agnostic

Add flexibility to your media buys by optimizing performant segments across the channels driving your best results.

Ad format agnostic

Test and refine by activating new segments and leveraging insights to find new customers.