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Cortex Search

Make Search Marketing Work Harder For Your Business

Search Engine Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be a Black Box

GoogleAds offers businesses access to an advertising ecosystem rich with active consumers literally searching for your products and services. Along with this access comes seemingly intuitive tools to help optimize this highly effective channel to improve your return on ad spend. However, with this access comes questions that can lead to vague guidance with a general message – trust in the algorithm’s ability to optimize your business.

With Cortex Search, you can add transparency, direction, and control to your targeting and bid management efforts within GoogleAds.  Our platform offers an unparalleled 100+ catalog of signals to add context to your marketing efforts. The context and control are further enhanced with Cortex Search’s unique bid modifier functionality, putting the power of targeting and media spend into your hands.

With Cortex Search, you have supercharged GoogleAds capabilities by enabling:

Contextual targeting unmatched by any SEM solution

Bid modification controls to act on the learnings from your contextual targeting

A personalized Search Engine Marketing strategy

Access to a data asset that transcends GoogleAds, enabling an omni-channel customer segmentation strategy