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Leveraging data to provide the value your stakeholders understand

Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) are the heartbeat of a destination. You’re great marketers and extremely knowledgeable about the destination. Unfortunately, there’s always someone questioning the value of what you bring to the table. Why?

Well, the KPIs often used to communicate your value are soft metrics: clicks, likes, impressions, views, to name but a few. Those KPIs don’t communicate value to stakeholders because they think in terms of revenue, room nights, bookings and ADR. For a long time DMOs have been hindered because they haven’t had access to that kind of information.

This is where Adara comes in. Adara is the largest data consortium (data co-op or data partnership) of travel loyalty and reward data on the planet. 

Adara is trusted by more than 300 global data partners. This includes data sourced from travel, finance, real estate, events, and other consumer companies. But what we do with the data is enable you to activate it via media campaigns and measure it for revenue reports — and we do it in a privacy-compliant way that enables you to operate with confidence.

Our customers typically count on us to answer questions like:

How much revenue did my digital campaign generate?

While in market, what do our visitors spend the most on?

Which of my marketing efforts drove the highest ADR?

What is the credit card spending associated with our recent campaign?

How many room nights were we able to observe this summer?

What was the average transaction amount for visitors that spent at our top attractions within the market?

How is our market being impacted by recent natural disasters, pandemics and social unrest in our community?

What is our share of visitor spending compared to a neighboring market or competitive set?

What feeder markets are growing or recovering quicker than others?

Who should I target for my next campaign?

On top of this, customers often look to us for help with the following use cases:

Target or provide audiences of travelers that are actively searching for your destination, while also searching for your competitor(s).

Target or provide audiences of travelers that are actively searching for your competitor(s).

Target or provide audiences of travelers that have a high net worth and plenty of equity in their home.

Provide audiences of travelers with a high TVS (Traveler Value Score, like a travel credit score), narrowing their marketing to users who spend more, stay longer and travel often.

When we say searching, we don’t mean a Google search (although we can do that). We mean getting your message in front of users that are actively entering check-in and check-out dates, departure and arrival destinations, etc. This data can be leveraged in amazing ways to empower the destination to do what it does best. Tell stories to people who want to hear and experience them.

Our Solutions

So how can you tell your story to relevant travelers and ensure your destination’s funding is spent responsibly and in a privacy compliant way?

Adara Cortex is the solution for you.

How can you prove to elected officials, hoteliers and community leaders that visitors who saw your marketing actually booked a trip?

Adara Impact is the solution for you.

Our Destination Expenditure Reports

How can you understand visitor spending within your destination?

Expenditure Reports with Destination Measurement
is perfect for this.

How can you find out what visitor spending was for those who saw your marketing and storytelling?

Expenditure Reports with Campaign Measurement
might blow your mind
(this is NOT hyperbole).

Curious to compare visitors’ in-market spend between your destination and a neighboring competitor or competitive set?

Expenditure Reports with Market Share Analysis
are great for this.

Case Studies & Testimonials

"Adara has been an important part of our media mix as we are able to reach potential travelers within our target markets and have the ability to drill down with specific targeting ensuring every dollar spent is invested wisely. We've seen solid performance in terms of competitive cost per video completion rates and through these video ads we can continue to inspire travelers to book their next vacation in Santa Barbara"

Noelle Buben, Director of Marketing and Events, Visit Santa Barbara

"With Adara’s help we are able to better strategize and drive visitation by using booking window and market data to ensure our media is adaptable and in market at the proper times. We’ve also been able to determine possible new markets of opportunity based on geo-data."

Brett Howard, Chief Marketing Officer, Breckenridge Tourism Office