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How We Do It

Private Consortiums

The Digital Identity Solution

Create Secure Data Streams

Gain a Holistic View of the Customer Journey

In the digital economy, the common denominator for success is data. The challenge is that this data is often siloed or fragmented, such that the collection, application and analytics of the data is disrupted. This can lead to businesses lacking the necessary data to support their go-to-market strategy. How can you unify this siloed data and ensure a privacy-driven, secure digital environment to accelerate profitability?

Adara’s Private Consortiums allow destinations and businesses to strengthen and expand upon their first-party data by merging with Adara’s public consortium of data partnerships. Backed by more than 1 billion digital identities, combining first-party data with Adara’s public consortium supports advanced digital marketing goals and capabilities such as custom analytics, cookieless measurement attribution, custom audience targeting and insights in a transparent and privacy compliant manner.

Amplify your existing data assets with Adara’s public consortium and data partnerships

Create consented, secure data streams to inform internal business systems

Drive omni-channel solutions to your destination or business

Privacy compliant by design

Backed by more than 1 billion digital identities across 130+ countries,

Adara’s Private Consortiums harmonize your data streams and enables an omni-channel business intelligence solution.