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Leisure Family Travel from the U.S. to the Caribbean: 123% Increase Y-O-Y

Adara is seeing a major shift in outbound leisure travel from the U.S. this winter. Travel from the U.S. to the Middle East has taken a hit among travel advisories to American citizens from the U.S. government.

Adara’s travel-intent data shows that year-end outbound travel from the U.S. is dominated by destinations in the Caribbean and Latin America, with a surge in bookings.  Flights to island nations in the Caribbean and beach destinations in Central America are booked up to three times more than in the same period in 2022.


Prioritizing Safety When Traveling

Travelers in the U.S. are increasingly prioritizing safety when choosing their travel destinations. The U.S. government’s travel advisories largely influence these heightened concerns, especially in regions with political turmoil and conflict. As a result, the Middle East region has seen a decline in U.S. tourist arrivals, as travelers heed caution.

In response to these advisories, many are opting for safer alternatives, with domestic and nearby international destinations gaining popularity. The Caribbean and Mexico have proven top choices, offering inviting climates and predictability during winter. A majority of the demand for hotel bookings in the Caribbean is coming from couples and families. Family travel from the U.S. to the Caribbean is up 123% year-over-year (Y-o-Y) from 2022. Here’s a look at how flight bookings from the U.S. to destinations in the Caribbean have changed over the last year:

Surge in Travel to the Caribbean

Destination Y-o-Y Growth in Flight Bookings Compared to 2022
Barbados 32%
Grenada 33%
Honduras 40%
Sint Maarten 44%
Trinidad and Tobago 63%
Curacao 78%
Antigua and Barbuda 87%
Virgin Islands 89%
Dominica 112%
Anguilla 128%
Dominica 217%

Source: Adara, a RateGain Company

The Shift Away from the Middle East

The beginning of 2023 saw a rise in travel demand to the Middle East from the U.S. and Europe. However, situations and global crises have made Western travelers wary of tourism in the region. Many countries in the Middle East are experiencing a slump in travel bookings by 20% to 60%.

Country Y-O-Y Change compared to 2022
Bahrain -56%
Jordan -46%
Israel -39%
Kuwait -36%
Lebanon -25%
UAE -21%
Saudi Arabia -19%
Turkey -15%

Source: Adara, a RateGain Company

Testing Warmer Waters

The allure of warmer destinations has triggered a shift in travel patterns. Within the U.S., destinations like Florida and Southern California are preferred for their pleasant winter temperatures. Internationally, the Caribbean and Mexico are attracting U.S. travelers with their beautiful beaches, temperate weather and luxury resorts, providing a secure and enjoyable winter escape.

Most of the domestic tourism from the U.S. is for bookings to sunny and warm destinations.  Florida has proven the most popular state with arrivals in Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa and Fort Myers topping the chart. Internationally, Cancun has proven a popular holiday destination, along with San Jose and Santo Domingo. Additionally, there are a large number of bookings to New Delhi and Mumbai, with the Indian diaspora flying home for winter vacation.

Top 10 Domestic Destinations from the U.S.

Rank City State Country
1 Orlando Florida USA
2 Fort Lauderdale Florida USA
3 Las Vegas Nevada USA
4 Los Angeles California USA
5 Miami Florida USA
6 San Juan Puerto Rico USA
7 Tampa Florida USA
8 Fort Myers Florida USA
9 San Diego California USA
10 Lake Buena Vista Florida USA

Source: Adara, a RateGain Company

Top 10 Outbound Destinations from the U.S.

Rank City Country
1 Cancun Mexico
2 San Jose Costa Rica
3 Mumbai India
4 Santo Domingo Dominican Republic
5 New Delhi India
6 London UK
7 Guatemala City Guatemala
8 Bogota Colombia
9 Rionegro Colombia
10 La Mesa Honduras

Source: Adara, a RateGain Company

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