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‘What I Learned Since I Joined Adara’ with Zeek Coleman & Lauren Cleland

Tourism Spotlight

“What I Learned Since I Joined Adara” with Zeek Coleman & Lauren Cleland


Everyone knows that Adara is synonymous with travel data. What you might not know is how Adara’s data is being leveraged to prepare destinations for the future in an amazing way.

In this webinar, Zeek Coleman, Sr. Director, Product Marketing – Tourism, ADARA, is joined by special guest Lauren Cleland, Director of Data Intelligence and Digital Marketing of Visit Savannah as Zeek shares what he’s learned in his time at Adara so far and how he’s working to leverage Adara’s technology to provide a solid foundation for every DMO’s future.

The presentation from Zeek Coleman and Lauren Cleland will also summarize:

  • The various threats DMOs are facing after the pandemic, from changing consumer behavior to changing legislation
  • Learn how upcoming technological changes will impact destinations
  • How Adara is working to equip you with future-proof solutions along with product demonstration and industry examples

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