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Adara Managed Media – Designed by Destination Marketers for DMOs

May 16th, 2022

Destinations and DMO’s are faced with a unique trifecta of challenges today – limited bandwidth to manage digital campaigns, expertise need gaps in-house and abstract reporting to justify marketing spend. With 12+ years of Managed Services experience, Adara has evolved our offering to overcome these very challenges.

In this webinar, Zeek Coleman, Head of Marketing, Tourism & Hospitality and Sam Lauer, Lead Customer Success at Adara as they share the technology and data behind Adara’s Managed Services: Designed by destination marketers for destination marketers. Adara has always worked towards helping destinations become more competitive, drive better performance and achieve their goals.

In this webinar, we cover:

  • New standard of reporting
  • Top 3 targeting strategies for destinations
  • Breadth of media offerings
  • Adara Managed Services FAQ’s
  • Where in the marketing and sales funnel does Adara fit in

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