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Optimizing the New Customer Acquisition Workflow with Digital Identity

Mission Possible Series: Cracking The Code Of Customer Data And Identity

“Optimizing the New Customer Acquisition Workflow with Digital Identity” with Frank Teruel and Nguyen Nguyen.


2020’s expansion in digital commerce, accelerated by necessity to safeguard against the COVID-19 pandemic, has given companies the digital platform to differentiate themselves from competitors, disrupt industries, and rapidly onboard new customers while simultaneously, increasing enterprise exposure to fraud and cybercrime threats.

Mitigating this risk while capitalizing on the opportunity can only be achieved with a holistic view of your customer’s digital identity. Has your identity verification & new account origination strategy evolved to meet the demand and win in the digital economy?

In this webinar Frank Teruel, COO, Adara, and Nguyen Nguyen, Vice President, Partner Development & Technical Services at Adara from the identity verification industry have an interactive discussion about best practices on the future-proofed digital identity model.

Learn about:
– The impact of COVID-19 on the digital economy
– How companies eliminate friction and increase conversion for trusted customers
– Managing your identity verification supply chain to meet the changing privacy landscape.

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