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An Audience with Don Welsh, President & CEO, Destinations International

Road To Recovery in 2021

‘An Audience with Don Welsh, President & CEO, Destinations International: The Road to Recovery in 2021’ with Don Welsh, Carolyn Corda, and Milan Patel


We are kicking off the new year with an unmissable webinar with Don Welsh, President & CEO of Destinations International. With more than 35 years of experience in the tourism industry, Don shares his unique perspective on the road to recovery in 2021 with a Q&A session.

We begin this webinar with Adara’s latest trends and insights for the next few months shared by Milan Patel, Director – Field Data Science at Adara. David Morrow, VP, Global Marketing at Adara will follow-up the data insights with a conversation with Don Welsh, President and CEO, Destination International and Carolyn Corda, CMO at Adara.

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