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Brand Safety

Brand Safety Is Our Priority

Maintaining quality inventory and ensuring a safe ad-serving environment are key considerations for Adara.

We employ a diligent verification process to ensure the inventory we purchase is properly filtered to exclude questionable and compromised sites. This includes monitoring and blocking cookies and IPs that exhibit atypical behavior as part of our ongoing campaign performance management, ongoing site list management and working closely with a select set of inventory and verification partners.

  • We partner with Integral Ad Science for pre- and post-bid solutions. This includes implementation of its brand safety and suspicious activity targeting segments which allow us to block bids from domains classified under sensitive categories including adult, hate speech, violence and more. In addition, we use its campaign monitoring pixel products and have access to its Firewall blocking solution for clients who want to implement additional safeguards.
  • We also have use of DoubleVerify’s post-bid IQM pixel product to monitor and manage our inventory enabling us to use its tag solution to offer extra protection.
  • We have a strong and evolving relationship with The Media Trust. It provides us with data protection and security analysis reports for all ad tags running through our system. This ensures potential compromises are flagged on any affected client tags.​