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Message from the CEO


Charles Mi



I hope that you enjoyed a holiday season filled with reconnecting with friends and family and that 2022 is already off to a great start.

2021 was a demanding year requiring the courage to act boldly and the humility to embrace changing circumstances. We applaud the efforts of our clients who used data in new ways and experimented with strategies designed to attract new customer segments. This spirit of quick adaptation has been propelling Adara as well. 

I’m extremely proud of what the Adara team accomplished in tandem with you, our clients and partners. 

  • We expanded and modernized our data partnerships by rolling out our new SDK tokenization technology which over 40 major brands have already adopted. 
  • Our efforts to upgrade the performance of our audiences through AI consistently delivered a 3-20X improvement to goal. 
  • And lastly, we’re seeing strong market demand for the roll-out of our clean room technology

As I look at the changing data landscape, our strategy must have two prongs. First, helping you adapt to the growing importance of ethical data in a privacy-first world, and second, enabling you to better understand and act on customer intelligence. Adara is committed to raising the bar for ethical data. We’ve adopted the view:

that if data is the new oil, then ethical data is the new equivalent of renewable energy. 

We’re grateful for your partnership and along with my Adara colleagues wish you boundless success in 2022. 

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