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Why did 3 DMO thought leaders just join Adara?

Tourism Spotlight

“Why did 3 DMO thought leaders just join Adara?” with Leroy Bridges, Zeek Coleman and Jeremy Harvey


When it comes to Destination Marketing, Leroy Bridges, Account Executive – Customer Success, Jeremy Harvey, Sr. Industry Specialist – Tourism & Zeek Coleman, S. Director of Product Marketing -Tourism are fairly familiar names. Known primarily for marketing innovation and no strangers to accolades, these are among the most surprising Adara new hires of the last month. Many of their DMO peers are asking, “You have 44 combined years in DMO experience between you and could work anywhere…Why Adara?”

During this webinar you will learn about:

  • How Leroy leveraged Adara data to increase his DMOs digital marketing budget 3 years in a row.
  • How Jeremy and Zeek leveraged Adara’s data and reporting to gain the confidence (and funding) of local co-op partners.
  • Our experts’ top uses of Adara while leading their DMO’s.
  • Justifying a research investment when your budget is small
  • Jeremy, Leroy & Zeek’s favorite new Adara product that you haven’t heard about:
    1. Adara‘s CTV Reporting
    2. Luxury Credit Card Audiences for Targeting
    3. Future Bookings Forecasting Report

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