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Which Hotel Trends Are Here to Stay? Insights for Marketers, Investors and Operators

Road to Recovery Series

“Which Hotel Trends Are Here to Stay? Insights for Marketers, Investors and Operators” with Rachael Rothman, Carolyn Corda, and Milan Patel


There’s no doubt that consumers are keen to travel and they respond to each positive announcement about destinations lifting restrictions with a spike in searches and bookings. Where there is more uncertainty is in understanding which new consumer behaviors will stick and which will snap back to the pre-pandemic norm. What will happen to booking windows, destination preferences and length of stay?

Watch this two-part webinar to get the latest traveler trends extracted from Adara’s rich data set shared by Milan Patel, Director Field Data Science at Adara. The trends analysis is followed by a conversation with two industry experts Rachael Rothman, Head of Hotels Research & Data Analytics, CBRE Hotels, and Carolyn Corda, CMO/CCO of Adara as they share a fresh perspective on what consumers want and how the industry can capitalize on these demand shifts.

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