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eBook: 3 Ways to Get Smarter About Visitor Spend

ADARA Now Offers Credit and Debit Card Data to Help Boost your Destination Marketing  

Know more about your visitors, prove your value to the stakeholders in your DMO, and make more strategic decisions with ADARA’s unique new offering – Destination Expenditure Reports. Adara can now share credit and debit card spend, representing over 40 million US households, in your market to help you better understand how visitors spend their money.

Download our latest eBook for Destination Marketers, 3 Ways to Get Smarter About Visitor Spend, to learn more about how ADARA’s Destination Expenditure Reports can provide insight into who spends most on specific types of activities, which restaurants, stores and venues get the highest share of visitor spend, demographic data, and more.

eBook Highlights: 

  • Three types of Destination Expenditure Reports
  • Five use cases for credit and debit card data
  • Recommendations for destination marketers

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