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eBook: 3 Ways to Bring Audiences to CTV

Get More Out of Your CTV Media with Adara Audiences and Take Advantage of this Growth Advertising Channel

According to eMarketer, programmatic spend will make up 50% of CTV revenue in 2021. More and more, brands are choosing to use programmatic to buy CTV more efficiently, and the trend will likely continue to get closer to other digital channels. Now is the time to start learning more about your target audiences on CTV and the more you know about who you’re reaching, the more you’ll get from every dollar spent.

Download our latest eBook, 3 Ways to Bring Audiences to CTV, to learn more about how brands can be smarter about who they advertise to with this addressable media channel. Gain insight into the three ways audiences add value to CTV advertising and learn how Adara can help you plan, activate and measure your audiences.

eBook Highlights:

  • How to use your audience data to plan CTV media more effectively
  • How to access the audiences you want through programmatic channels
  • Understand how your audiences perform against your campaign KPIs

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