Put the power of billions of search, booking and loyalty data points from the world’s largest travel companies to work for you with ADARA’s suite of products.

The ADARA Magellan Platform
ADARA’s travel intelligence platform leverages more than 650 million monthly uniques, 9 billion annual searches and 500 million annual transactions to help brands fully understand their audiences and take the right actions.

ADARA Traveler Value Score
This new, powerful metric accurately assesses each customer’s potential value as a traveler. Learn more


Your customer data is very valuable. Unleash its potential.

When you partner with ADARA, we turn your booking, search, and loyalty data into additional revenue while providing you with actionable insights about your customers to help you make better product and marketing decisions.

Data privacy is always paramount to us. Sharing data with ADARA doesn’t mean you’re compromising it. In fact, we never know the identities of your customers.

ADARA has relationships with more than 175 of the most recognized travel brands across the globe. Join the team.