Gain Loyal Customers Through the Power of Personalization

Know What Travelers Need Next

Hindsight about customer needs is informative. Using it to anticipate what customers need next is transformative. Only ADARA delivers actionable insights into evolving behavioral patterns at the individual level, enabling you to confidently determine and deliver what your customer will need next. When you do, customers become loyalists. And you become indispensable.

The travel industry’s growth trajectory was approaching $10 trillion in annual revenues before COVID-19 shuffled the deck.

As the world continues to reopen for travel, the industry faces heightened competition and rising consumer demand for personalized travel experiences. 

To thrive in this emerging new normal, travel brands must become nimble at leveraging real-time customer data to deliver the right offer, to the right person, at the right time.

ADARA is here to help.

Maximize Relevance

ADARA Cortex combines advanced analytics and global shared intelligence on 6,000 unique customer segments, so you can:

  • Identify your best customers by destination (beach, mountains, city) and trip type (leisure, family, business), along with filters for luxury and extended stays
  • Deliver personalized offers informed by accurate, real-time behavioral data spanning travel and lifestyle activities such as dining, entertainment, and more

Search, Smarter

Search may be one of your most reliable traffic generators, but determining how much to bid can be difficult since not all audiences warrant a premium.

ADARA’s Cortex Seach Platform enables you to tap into shared, cross-industry intel on more than 1 billion unique identities so you have the unparalleled context to: 

  • Target accurately
  • Spend wisely
  • And make the most of your marketing dollars

Prioritize High-Value Customers

Travel brands have built some of the most valuable customer databases of any industry. To increase the value of their customer portfolios, marketers need to know travelers’ long-term spend potential.

  • ADARA tracks cross-industry spend across 130 countries to dynamically generate a Traveler Value Score at the individual level, enabling a data-driven approach to driving wallet-share gain
  • Want to ensure that a higher-value traveler receives priority service from your call center? Our Traveler Value Scores are specifically designed for purpose.

Protect Loyalty

You worked hard to develop a robust rewards program. But every dollar lost to fraud is a dollar that can’t be spent cultivating brand affinity. Why not let ADARA send fraudsters and cybercriminal packing?

  • Our global identity and behavioral data can be used to instantly detect and block bad actors attempting to use stolen identity credentials to plunder your loyalty accounts

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