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Adara Releases Privacy Token, a Decentralized Implementation for Data Sharing Using a Privacy-First Approach

Privacy Token Securely Unifies and Pseudonymizes Disparate Digital Identities, Safely Enabling Robust Enterprise Data Ecosystems and Consortiums

Palo Alto, December 15th, 2020: Adara, the market leader in permissioned data and verified identity solutions, announced the release of Privacy Token, enabling Adara’s solutions to connect and resolve data between clients and Adara’s platform in a decentralized manner, so client data never leaves their firewall. Privacy Token unifies and masks siloed data, securely replacing sensitive data elements with obscured values using best-in-class security protocols. In this way, Privacy Token gives businesses a single view of their customer, streamlines business operations, and accelerates profitability. Unlike traditional tokenization solutions, Adara Privacy Token includes multi-source data rights management for anonymization, to enforce privacy and protect sourcing for differential privacy.

“Adara’s Privacy Token solution inextricably combines each data point with secure technology, ensuring that businesses can access robust customer insights in a safe and compliant environment. Privacy Token is a valuable enhancement to customer data programs today, and ensures continued customer insight and privacy compliance as the market evolves further,” said Charles Mi, CTO at Adara.

Today, privacy regulations, and limitations on third-party cookies and on the use of Apple’s IDFA, are disrupting data collection and sharing, application integration, and analytics. Additionally, privacy regulations carry significant financial risk if businesses are not in compliance with their data policies. And throughout this change and disruption, the digital data ecosystem continues to become more fragmented, and businesses more than ever before, need a comprehensive view of their customer, to be able to reach them across channels, and know what they want.

With Privacy Token, Adara provides businesses with a way forward. As the leader in permissioned data, Adara understands that permissioning or rights management extends beyond the control of just the end use, but also into where and how that use occurs.  Decentralization and token representation of the data is key to protecting against data leakage beyond the intended purpose, as well as helping businesses adhere to policies and compliance requirements.  Data governance, usage history, and lineage for compliance ensures GDPR/CPRA adherence for digital marketing.  And, because personal data remains decentralized, the Adara Privacy Token solution removes the burden of having to design and build a new data platform from the ground up.

With the Adara Privacy Token businesses can:

  • Link customers to the over 1 billion digital identities in Adara’s Digital Identity Graph

  • Harmonize and combine all customer’s disparate digital identities

  • Tokenize data to protect customer privacy

  • Avoid breaches of privacy with a decentralized approach to data augmentation.

“With Privacy Token, businesses can harmonize and combine all of their customer’s disparate digital identities using a tokenized identifier to resolve identity, bring together internal and external data, activate data for targeting and create meaningful and actionable analytics, while maintaining privacy and control rights.,” said Charles Mi, CTO at Adara.


About Adara

Adara, the global leader in permissioned data and verified identity, combines the power of global data consortiums to inform its 1.3 billion digital identities with over 22 billion data elements across 130 countries and serving Global 2,000 customers. Whether informing digital marketing, programmatic advertising, search, identity and verification, or stopping fraud, Adara provides you with more customers, less friction and better outcomes.




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