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Adara launches Destination Marketing Cloud for Tourism Organizations and DMOs in Japan

In addition to JNTO joining as an Adara customer  in 2018, Setouchi DMO joins as the first DMO, and Ehime prefecture joins as the first Prefecture in Japan

Tokyo, Japan, June 12, 2019: Adara, which provides high-quality digital marketing solutions through their data co-op with over 200 data partners (headquarters in Palo Alto, CA and Japanese branch in Chuo-Ku, Tokyo) announced the launch of Destination Marketing Cloud in Japan. Destination Marketing Cloud is a comprehensive insights, execution and analysis suite of products to transform tourism marketing.

The Destination Marketing Cloud enables destination marketers to apply traveler behavior intelligence across the Learn, Act, Measure and Modify process to win share of wallet and increase consumer lifetime value while  ensuring more accurate messaging, personalization, targeting and insights.

A data co-op enables companies to share recognizable data, which helps marketers gather online travel shopper’s site visit, views and purchase data, enhancing digital marketing efforts for travel and tourism marketers.

Unlike airlines, hotels and attractions, which hold customer transaction data, DMOs and governments have struggled for many years gathering and analyzing traveler data. Destination Marketing Cloud provides digital solutions for tourism marketing though Adara’s travel data co-op where Destinations will be able to access traveler data, analyze it and execute on-point promotions.
Destination Marketing Cloud Features

  • Measure marketing effectiveness : With over 850mm monthly unique traveler profiles, Adara is able to measure and analyze ROI from digital promotions, such as a banner ads, with insights in to viewers, actual visitors, flight bookings, nights stayed and total spend.
  • Tap into unseen insights – Adara identifies travel customers who visited your destination and engaged with your digital marketing. Additionally, Adara helps identify traveler profiles and travel patterns.
  • Measure marketing investments: Identify actual visitors who engaged with your digital/media campaigns, such as banners and listing ads.

The Setouchi DMO was established in 2016. Consisting of 7 prefectures in the Setouchi region starting with Hiroshima, they are known for their leading (advanced) marketing efforts. Tomohiro Muraki, Setouchi DMO’s marketing advisor and CEO of Intheory, comments, “Adara Impact is a very effective tool where it gives marketers visibility into how their destination marketing efforts affect actual market visitation. In addition Adara’s rich traveler data enables precise targeting, personalization and I believe it’s the marketing solution that delivers results.”

April 2018, Ehime prefecture established a marketing department with the mission to enhance Ehime as a tourism destination using digital marketing. CMO, Toshihito Mori comments, “the government needs to catch up with advancing digital marketing to reach global standards. While we face challenges of measuring quality and ROI of our marketing efforts, implementing Adara Impact will help us with our advancement while executing strategic promotions”.

Adara looks on 2019 as a reformative year in digital marketing for DMOs. Adara will play the role of the data marketing partner of the travel industry and support DMOs and governments to contribute to the advancement of tourism marketing in Japan.

About Setouchi DMO
Through the establishment of the Setouchi Brand, the Setouchi DMO aims to create a rich local community while revitalizing the local economy. We plan to increase the number of visitors to Setouchi by enhancing information on the area’s charms, both overseas and domestically. Our mission is to create autonomous and lasting cyclical growth of the Setouchi area through the development of the Setouchi brand, by evoking excitement among local businesses and residents, by creating new industries, and by promoting expansion of local employment and the population.

About Ehime marketing department
Ehime prefecture, in order for economical development, established a marketing department with the mission to enhance Ehime as a tourism destination using digital marketing. Ehime prefecture will mainly focus on bringing in inbound travelers and strategically execute digital marketing promotions.

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