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Adara Announces Homebuyer Data Consortium

Powered By 150+ Real Estate Partners, New Consortium Offers First Predictive Intent Data
Palo Alto, CA (July 22, 2020) Adara, the global data consortium, today announced that the company is expanding its data offering and solutions, beginning with a new homebuyer data consortium that provides unique consumer insights for brands.  Brands can use Adara data to better understand a variety of discretionary, financial and preference-based customer insights to drive business decisions, especially during this COVID-19 period. 
The new Adara Homebuyer Data consortium provides the industry’s first predictive home buying intent data, with unique in-market signals that offer much higher certainty around future behavior than any solution available today. The homebuyer data consortium is powered by over 150K+ national and regional broker brand sites including Coldwell Banker, Re/Max and Century 21 as well as many other relevant data providers across home purchasing, real estate and financing. Additionally, the consortium provides homeowner insights including property value, equity amounts, remodeling activity, and more. With these valuable insights, brands can ensure that they connect with people effectively, at the right time in their journey.
“Moving, searching for and purchasing a new home are all major events in consumers’ lives, and getting the timing just right can make or break a brand’s ability to connect with consumers during this important life event,” said Layton Han, CEO at Adara. “The Adara Homebuyer Data Consortium provides brands not only the most comprehensive homeowner and buyer data offering, but also new predictive intent data that dramatically increases a brand’s ability to deliver key messages at the right time.”
The Adara Homebuyer Data Consortium delivers new insights derived from systems facilitating 90% of all real estate transactions and made available to brands for the first time. The combination of property data, home buyer activity data, and real estate brokerage brands does not exist anywhere else for brand activation. The consortium provides access to first-party audiences who are in-market to buy, sell, or rent a home with insights regarding property value, mortgage and plans for upgrades such as remodeling, adding solar panels or a new pool,  while also knowing when they may be close to making a purchase. 
Each month, an estimated 500k homes are bought and sold in the US, each with major immediate implications for mortgage companies, banks, insurance companies, and more. The NAHB has found that a new home buyer spends upwards of $4,000 more than other consumers on other goods as a result of their move, providing a wide variety of brands with an opportunity to capture new demand. The millions of people that search for homes, rent a new home and move also offer a wide range of opportunities for insights that are valuable for CPG, home improvement, telecom and cable providers and many other brands. 
“Adara combines insights from discretionary spending across entertainment choices, travel preferences, home purchasing and ownership, dining, and more to create a rich view of the customer.” said Han. “We are excited with this expansion to our data offering to provide brands with accurate, predictive intent-based homebuyer insights.”

About Adara
Adara enables consumer brands to grow market share by leveraging our 1 billion high-fidelity identities, ethically sourced through our data consortium. We utilize a single source of data to deliver a seamless customer experience from routine transactions through to refined personalization and we drive optimal customer decisions using advanced data science and real-time deterministic data. All fueled by our data consortium of more than 270 globally recognized brands. 

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