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Adara Announces Cortex 3.0 – The Leading Platform for Permissioned Data and Verified Identity

Marketers can access AI-driven audiences based on proprietary, cookieless ID Graph

Palo Alto, CA (October 19, 2020) Adara, the market leader in permissioned data and verified identity solutions for digital marketing, today announced the launch of Adara Cortex 3.0, a unique platform that provides access to first party, deterministic and transactional data from over 300 top global brands that represent over 1 billion profiles. These anonymous, people-based profiles power Adara’s Identity Graph, which brands can use to match, score and activate omni-channel marketing and customer engagement initiatives, which is critical in the COVID-19 era.

“We’re very excited to partner with Adara. Their machine-learning based audience insights augment our clients’ data-driven marketing strategies and with Cortex, we can also derive new predictive modeling strategies to capture new market share. It’s a flexible, powerful asset for our clients as we look to scale our audience capabilities in the near and long term,”  said Michael Bennett, Chief Marketing Officer at Cendyn.

Adara Cortex’s simple interface allows clients to immediately take advantage of a library of unique audience segments, or create custom audiences to suit their targeting and personalization needs. With a robust data rights management infrastructure, agencies and larger clients can manage data rights compliance across accounts with ease. With less time spent managing data, resources can be applied to work that is more impactful to the business.

By providing always-on, fresh, trusted data streams to marketing platforms for display, social, search and TV campaigns, Adara advertiser and digital agency customers get actionable insights, with pre-integration to Google, Facebook, Adobe, Salesforce, and The Trade Desk among others. 

Cortex 3.0 also introduces a state of the art module for Google Ads, that exposes and adds AI-assist for Google’s powerful Bid Modifier functions, allowing search professionals to fine tune and adjust bids while ensuring that the data feed is always optimized no matter what performance tools might be used. Additionally, Cortex SDK provides enterprises with the ability to consolidate disparate data into private data consortiums, powered by state of the art identity architecture, to maximize digital marketing effectiveness and agility.

“Adara Cortex 3.0 platform offers a valuable cookieless identity solution across a wide variety of consumer transactions from travel to real estate, financial services, entertainment and retail. The insights and targeting capabilities that our clients gain from our identity graph not only future-proof their business as third-party cookies become less viable, it delivers dramatic results,” said Layton Han, CEO at Adara.


About Adara

Adara, the global leader in permissioned data and verified identity, combines the power of global data consortiums to inform its 1 billion digital identities with over 22 billion data elements across 130 countries and serving Global 2,000 customers. Whether informing digital marketing, programmatic advertising, search, identity and verification, or stopping fraud, Adara provides you with more customers, less friction and better outcomes.



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