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When navigating uncharted waters in VUCA environments, predictive analysis, and actionable data are the key enablers for destinations to move from destination promotional entities to destination management entities. ADARA solutions help destinations create a three-step intelligence system that allows them to grow smarter and more sustainable.

Create or enrich your own Tourism Intelligence System with ADARA and our three-step process:


It’s critically important to analyze tourism trends in real-time in order to take appropriate action.

How can we analyze and predict traveler behaviors?

  • Travel Intelligence Dashboard: A data observatory with integrated hotel and flight data that enables destinations to analyze tourism behaviors and identify emerging trends using real-time data (including competitive analysis)
  • Consortiums: Build your own travel intelligence consortium to gain visibility into tourism trends and behavior patterns impacting your destination
  • This creates a virtuous cycle: a better understanding of trends, more accurate personalization, and increasingly precise measurement


In order to increase visits, it’s important to personalize traveler interactions to increase brand relevancy with your audience. ADARA can assist destinations in adding the intelligence layer to enable this atop their digital channel operations:

  • Cortex: Allows destinations to leverage consortium intelligence to target digital advertising to the right travelers
    • Cortex Catalog: Leverage our audience segments when buying programmatic advertising or social media. 
    • Cortex Search: Leverage ADARA signals to optimize search campaigns.
  • Dynamic Traveler Signals: Allows destinations to leverage ADARA intelligence signals and enrich their CRM systems, personalize thier websites, and more. 


ADARA Impact allows destinations to track the performance of their digital campaigns and website initiatives, so they can:

  • Measure ROI for digital campaigns relative to searches, bookings, and number of travelers (beyond impressions, clicks, and website visits)
  • Optimize the media campaigns
  • Gather insights about travelers behavior

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