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Accelerate Profitable Outcomes by Personalizing Every Customer Engagement

CRM solutions are powerful tools for storing customer and prospect contact information, annotating interactions, and managing marketing campaigns. But today, customer relationship management strategies are just table stakes. To outmaneuver competitors, you can’t just track your customers and their needs. You’ve got to anticipate them—even before your customers recognize the need themselves. And that requires bringing richer context to every customer touchpoint. ADARA is the answer.

With ADARA’s CRM solutions, you get the unrivaled data assets you need to fuel an unbeatable, omni-channel customer engagement solution. We put your CRM solution on steroids—augmenting your proprietary information with the context to personalize every interaction.

Winning Through Relevance

ADARA CRM integrations can dramatically enhance any customer engagement tool your business utilizes:

  • Internal & external sales teams
  • Client support
  • Call center ops
  • Email engagement

Our contextual data goes far beyond what’s possible with in-house databases or even larger data pools shared among dozens or even hundreds of partners.

Instead, our identity-based customer segmentation is informed by a consortium of trusted data sources spanning thousands of partners in numerous industries and geographies that feed real-time contextual information into the tools your teams already use.

The result: Compelling, personally relevant interactions. Streamlined sales and customer experiences. And enhanced profitability and competitive advantage for your business.

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