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Trip Planning Report

Understand your destination’s booking window, from search to book, book to arrival to Length of Stay (LOS)

Travel Dips. Last Minute Trips.

Social unrest, storms & pandemics were among many factors impacting booking windows in 2020. At the start of the pandemic, booking windows shrank significantly, from about 45 days to single digits.

Uncertainty rose. Marketers froze.

At certain points, the booking window shrank to a single day, with travelers booking on the day of travel, due to uncertainty. Flexible cancellation policies helped, but despite 2021’s travel recovery, the booking window has continued to fluctuate with the news cycle.

Questions like, “When should we market to impact next season?” became harder to answer. This uncertainty led to inaction for most. How can we avoid this in the future?

How was Length of Stay (LOS) impacted? Enter, Trip Planning Report.

The Trip Planning Report empowers CEOs & marketers to understand how their booking windows and LOS is changing, in real time.

Sample pages:

Trip Planning Summary (Flight)

Search to Book (Days)

Trip Planning Summary (Hotel)

Book to Arrival (Days)

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Key Questions Answered:

How was our booking window impacted by Covid-19?

How far in advance do we need to market to impact travel?

Which feeder markets are booking further in advance of travel?

Which origin markets are willing to travel on short notice? Which markets are doing more planning?

Has our booking window recovered to pre-pandemic levels?

How has our Length of Stay (LOS) changed?

Which markets are staying longer than others?

How was our booking window & LOS impacted in drive vs. flight markets?

I can give this report to my research & marketing teams to:

  • Develop marketing campaigns that help need periods
  • Direct recovery efforts to markets with shorter booking windows
  • Know when to run campaigns to offset dips in demand
  • Target markets that stay longer than others

I can use this report in the boardroom to:

  • Standout as the expert in the room
  • Justify the timing & funding of my strategies
  • Have a holistic view into shifting booking behavior
  • Increase my credibility with key stakeholders

I can share parts of the report with key stakeholders to:

  • Position my organization as a key source of business intelligence
  • Highlight shifts in booking windows
  • Provide holistic visibility into destination behaviors
  • Discover markets that are quicker to convert

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