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Lost Opportunity Report

Understand the top alternative destinations you’re losing business to

Who are you losing business to?

Travel has become more competitive than ever. And with the turmoil of the past few years, destinations are struggling to gain market share to aid in their recovery. One key place to begin: who are you losing business to?

You have more competition.

Today, while the booking rate is increasing, we’re seeing more visitors look at more destinations, with each averaging about 3 searches prior to booking. This is 73% higher than it was in 2019. So you have more competition for travel dollars than ever before. And understanding where travelers are going is imperative.

Lost Opportunity Report to the Rescue!

The Lost Opportunity Report gives CEOs & marketers an understanding of which destinations they’re losing visitors to.

Sample pages:

Domestic Destinations (Flights)

International Destinations (Flights)

Domestic Destinations (Hotels)

International Destinations (Hotels)

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Key Questions Answered:

Which destinations do visitors book instead of us (lost business)?

Which destinations are visitors searching for concurrently with us (opportunity markets)?

Which destinations are visitors flying to instead of us (lost opportunities for our airport)?

Who are our biggest competitors annually?

Who are our biggest competitors in each season or quarter?

Who did we lose business to for major holiday weekends/events?

How does our competition change across drive vs. fly markets?

I can give this report to my research & marketing teams to:

  • Develop marketing campaigns for shoulder season
  • Direct recovery efforts to do conquest marketing against the competition
  • Know who to position ourselves against to offset dips in demand
  • Target markets that stay longer than others

I can use this report in the boardroom to:

  • Standout as the expert in the room
  • Justify the timing & funding of my strategies
  • Have a holistic view of my competition
  • Increase my credibility with key stakeholder

I can share parts of the report with key stakeholders to:

  • Position my organization as a key source of business intelligence
  • Highlight shifts in booking windows
  • Provide holistic visibility into lost opportunities
  • Discover markets where we can regain market share

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