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Destination Expenditure Report – Market Comparison

Understand the in-market spend for your destination vs. another destination.

Have you lost market share since the pandemic?

In terms of visitor economies, how does my destination compare to our competition? Knowing the answer to that question is key to understanding how you are doing. With turbulent times still impacting destinations everywhere, knowing where else your visitors are going and how much they’re spending there is paramount.

Has spending changed in your destination during the pandemic? Has it changed in your competitors’? Was your destination #1 in dining expenditures before the pandemic, but are you now 2nd to your competitor? Why?

Compare the impact of tourism in your destination vs. competitors.

The last few years have taught us the importance of tourism to local economies, but it helps to put numbers behind that reality. A Market Comparison Report can compare spending in your destination to any other destination, over the same period of time.

The Market Comparison Report can help.

The Market Comparison Report provides insight to CEOs & marketers seeking to understand and report on how their in-market spend compares to their competitors.

Key Differentiators of this Report:

We see 40% of all US based transactions, accounting for about $2.7 Trillion in spending.

This is about 5 times higher than our closest competitor.

We collect spend across Visa, Mastercard & Discover.

We see Credit & Debit Cards which increases visibility.

We can provide spending across 31 different merchant categories: from restaurants to hotels to recreation to retail, and more.

We can show you the top 10 businesses in each category.

We developed this specifically for Tourism & Hospitality brands

Most reports are focused on helping individual merchants in a destination instead of visitor spending for a destination.

Sample pages:

Introduction and Destination Share

Destination Share (Total Spend)

Destination Spend (Average Spend/Traveler)

Destination vs Comparison Market

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Key Questions Answered:

Do we have a higher in-market spend than our competitors?

Do we index higher for certain spend categories than our competitors?

Do we have a higher spend per visitor than our competing destinations?

How do our feeder markets compare to our competitors?

How does spending vary across age groups vs. our competitors?

How does spending vary across HHI vs. our competitors?

How does spending vary across drive vs. fly markets?

I can give this report to my research & marketing teams to:

  • Develop marketing campaigns that regain market share
  • Fine tune recovery efforts toward higher in-market spend
  • Understand advantages over competitive markets
  • Conquest my competition for higher economic impact

I can use this report in the boardroom to:

  • Standout as the economic impact expert in the room
  • Justify the timing, messaging and funding of my strategies
  • Have a holistic view of our in-market spend vs. competitors
  • Increase my credibility with elected officials & board members

I can share parts of the report with key stakeholders to:

  • Position my organization as a key source of business intelligence
  • Discover shifts in spending behavior by contrasting with competitors
  • Discover whether visitors spend more with us than competitors
  • Show how we’ve captured market share from competitors

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