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Adara Announces Adara Destination Marketing Cloud Update Featuring Predictive Capabilities for Destination Marketers

Palo Alto, CA September 4, 2019 – Adara, the world’s travel data co-op and leading provider of traveler intelligence for travel brands, today announced new predictive features in a comprehensive new release of Destination Marketing Cloud. Destination Marketing Cloud is an offering of multiple products focused on enabling destination marketing organizations to learn, act, measure and modify their marketing efforts, allowing them to make smarter data driven decisions for marketing and attracting high value visitors to boost their impact on economic growth of their destination.

The latest update of Destination Marketing Cloud includes Market Monitor for customers in North America. Market Monitor is an AI powered demand prediction tool enabling destination marketers to better plan their marketing spend and gain deeper insight into their destination’s growth, and performance.  Unlike typical AI tools, Adara’s capabilities are based on the most recent, real world traveler data providing an “always-on” actionable insights.  In October, Adara will release Impact Plus to global customers with new comprehensive market visibility of attributed flight bookings in a destination powered by new predictive analytics enhancements leveraging the latest advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

“DMOs are in the unique position of selling a product we don’t control, but Market Monitor changes that. With it, we can identify need periods at a glance, see convention bookings as they come in and get ahead of unforeseen holes in the calendar,” said Zeek Coleman, Interactive Marketing Manager at Visit Savannah. “It’s been amazing to see how little we understood about people’s booking habits and now, it’s like we have x-ray vision for our marketplace. No more calling to ask partners how they’re doing. We already know! This is an essential tool for the DMO of the future.”

With the power of prediction, destination marketers have the ability to make more informed decisions. With the newly enhanced Destination Marketing Cloud offering, destination marketers have:

Market Monitor: Delivers planning and insights encompassing overall destination growth and performance.  Market Monitor provides daily hotel booking predictions; total and cumulative, along with forecasted booking curves and velocity, top performing origin markets, and competitive benchmarking.

Impact Plus: Provides a comprehensive view of marketing efforts on flight bookings into a marketer’s destination featuring enriched attributed flight booking data and search KPIs based on comprehensive market visibility in addition to functionality for hotel bookings.

“We have worked closely with our destination marketing clients to deliver the most effective and relevant predictive capabilities to further their business. Destination marketers can learn more about customers and market drivers, act with confidence, measure results, and modify with more confidence than ever before,” said Carolyn Corda, CMO at Adara. “Adara is committed to providing destination marketers with the richest data and most innovative products powered by cutting edge AI technology. The newly released Destination Marketing Cloud is truly an all-in-one solution for destination marketers and we are thrilled to bring it to market.”

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Adara empowers the world’s leading travel brands to grow the industry together. Built on the world’s richest travel data co-op, Adara offers people-based insights for travel companies.  Clients get a value-based understanding of their relationship with their customers, with travel patterns, trends and behavior from more than 850 million monthly unique traveler profiles across more than 200 of the world’s top travel brands. Adara delivers critical intelligence to activate personalization and relevance throughout the customer journey for sustainable growth. Its offerings span the three core pillars – Learn, Act, Measure & Modify – to drive measurable outcomes at the customer level.

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