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Bringing Businesses and
Data Together Securely

Create Trusted and Secure Data Streams and Attain a Global View of Your Customer

As you engage in the digital economy, the common denominator for success is data. The challenge in a privacy-centric ecosystem is that this data is often spread across many siloed endpoints or, in some cases, businesses don’t have the necessary data to support their go to market strategy. How can you unify siloed data and ensure a privacy-driven, secure ecosystem across your industry to accelerate profitability?

Adara Consortiums empower your digital asset by permissioning the coalescing of digital ecosystems with its existing 1-billion strong network of linked identities. Securely managed for data stream privacy and compliance with Adara’s native and proprietary data rights management solution, Consortiums connect your digital data asset across any application to accelerate any outcome.

Augment your existing data asset with Adara’s existing Consortiums

Create permissioned, secure data streams to inform internal business systems

Bring data-driven omni-channel solutions to your business engagements

Privacy by design

With transactional data made up of 22 billion data elements across 130+ countries,

Adara’s Consortium harmonizes your data streams and enables an omni-channel intelligence ecosystem.

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