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US Domestic Business Travel Trends

November 9th, 2021

The return of domestic US business travel has been a roller coaster with dramatic dips and spikes. The net effect is positive; we’re on a path towards doubling 2020 booking volumes for both air and hotel. Adding to the challenge of targeting demand is the shifting nature of the destinations with the major metros making a comeback.

For international origins such as EMEA and Canada demand has been skyrocketing — up 12-45X since September 1 when the US hinted at plans to open its borders. New traveler preferences for destinations and booking behaviors make it critically important to focus marketing resources precisely. Will you be able to win with all the uncertainty? Here’s how you can capture demand now:

  • Be ready to open the throttle or tap the brake based on rapidly shifting demand
  • Tune your campaign cadence to align with shorter booking windows for US-based business travelers
  • Know which international travelers are planning to mix pleasure with business

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