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Seven Recommendations for Paid Media Strategy Post-Pandemic

Navigate digital marketing in 2021 and prepare for the digital ecosystem changes with Adara’s recommendations for managing campaign strategy in the post-pandemic world.   

2021 is going to be a year of significant changes to the digital marketing ecosystem. The value of 3rd party cookies are continuing to diminish and they will ultimately be phased out of Chrome by next year. Additionally, Apple is enforcing stricter privacy controls in iOS 14 which will block mobile app tracking as a default setting. With degradation expected in reporting systems and targeting precision, how can digital marketers prepare for the new cookieless ecosystem emerging?

Download the 7 Recommendations for Paid Media Strategy Post Pandemic, the second eBook in a two-part series, for information on tools impacted, changes in digital marketing and recommendations for paid media campaign strategy.

eBook Highlights: 

  • Tools impacted by ecosystem changes 
  • Suggestions for internal processes
  • Recommendations on paid media campaign execution

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