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Airlines – Rebounding in 2021

Discover the Adara 2021 Insights for Airlines and the three focus areas for airline marketers to begin rebounding in 2021.  

2020 was no doubt an unforgettable year! The beginning signs of optimism in 2021 with global vaccine roll-outs and ease of restrictions are also reflected by Adara data which demonstrate there is pent-up demand for travel. We see spikes in our data, reflecting a genuine interest and real excitement for the year ahead.

Download the Airlines Rebounding in 2021 Whitepaper to learn about Adara’s analysis and insights for the year ahead for the airline industry.

2021 Highlight Stats: 

  • Trip planning shows more even share of trips across traveler type
  • Search-to-booking ratio fallen closer to hotel ratios
  • More travelers opting for long-distance vacations during winter

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