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Adara Travel Trends: Holiday, European and Business Travel

November 16, 2021

Will you get your fair share of year-end travel demand?
Our holiday travel trends show mixed experiences — some people are reconnecting, while others are unplugging. Find out which cities make our list.

Hotel bookings for holiday travel are picking up pace with solos and couples trending higher than families. No matter who is traveling, the urge to splurge remains consistent with holiday travel as the share of bookings for $200+ per night for hotel rooms has increased 60% over 2019!

European travel to the US is also on the rise, which began well in advance of the October 15th ban lift. Interestingly, business travel is significantly outpacing leisure with the top origin markets including the UK, Netherlands, France and Germany.

Our updated US Domestic Hotel Business trends show a continued upward trend, with bookings having increased 10x since September 1st.

Adara’s 3 big takeaways to make the most of 2021:

  • Keep informed and get ahead of the trends with fresh data
  • Know the preferences for each of your target segments
  • Know which travelers are booking and splurging now

Activate audiences such as Holiday Unpluggers and Splurgers, Euro-vacays, and Small-Business Resilient and learn about more to get your share of holiday travel.

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