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How Data Can Be Used by Tourist Boards To Drive Consumer Spending

Zeek Coleman
Head of Marketing – Tourism & Hospitality, Adara 




Destination marketers have a tough brief on their hands: namely, attracting travelers to their cities or regions in a changed world. Old datasets around who to reach, when and where are no longer reliable – every habit has been disrupted and loyal visitors may be looking into trying new things. 

What’s more, measurement can be tricky, and the soft metrics often relied upon like clicks, likes or impressions can fail to impress senior stakeholders. This can disrupt funding and therefore hinder the marketer’s ability to run effective campaigns. 

However, finding the right datasets and actioning those insights is another challenge. Over-reliance on the walled gardens of Facebook and Google is unappealing to destination marketers who need to reach individuals in an omnichannel and unified approach. Third party cookie data is on its way out and is not considered a privacy-centric form of consumer insight. Therefore, another solution is needed for destination marketers to access the right data but still have ownership over it. 

Adara is ideally suited to offering detailed insight into how consumers operate and is trusted by more than 300 global data partners. This includes data sourced from travel, finance, real estate, events, and other consumer companies – anonymous and privacy-first data that tourist boards can use to their advantage. 

By following three simple steps with Adara, destination marketers can identify the optimal strategy moving forward. 


Reaching The Right People

There will be an abundance of undecided travelers interested in booking a holiday to a destination that you are advertising, and it is important that you engage with these audiences effectively.

With the Adaraverse (the entirety of Adara’s data) at your disposal, marketers can take into consideration suggestions about the audiences that may not appear prime candidates to book a certain destination, but does so anyway. We use machine learning to understand this complex search behavior – for instance that those searching for a certain rival destination are easily tempted by a better offer to another – or consumers looking for the best ‘fall vacation’.  

Any campaign objective can be enabled in this way – simply plug in the objectives and let the machine learning and data do the rest. This can be leveraged across multiple mediums such as CTV, social, and display.


Ethical Marketing

A growing number of consumers are concerned about the sustainability of their trips. This is a point too important to ignore, especially with COP26 garnering significant attention; across the world, there are calls for action to combat climate change. Many destination boards have the same concern: reliant on tourism for the local economy, they need to find ways to attract the most ‘eco friendly’ type of visitor. 

By harnessing data outlining which audiences are concerned about their carbon footprint, marketers can better-equip themselves to target them. 

Within this complex labyrinth of decisions, Adara’s data can ensure that destination marketers eliminate the guesswork. With our help, they can create a sustainability index for their destination, subsequently enabling them to connect directly with individuals who are connected to a destination via low-emission flight paths, or who tend to look for those flights with lower emissions.



It can be difficult to measure success when there is no transaction: destination marketers are not usually the point of purchase for a trip and therefore can little tell the impact of campaigns.  

The hope for bridging this gap lies with Adara. Adara’s data can surface how many people saw an ad then acted on it – taking both searches and bookings into account. In fact, Adara’s data goes even beyond this and can give you feedback on how consumers spend their time whilst there – identifying whether the consumers reached are ones that spend with local businesses rather than multinational corporations – thereby adding more to the local economy. 


The Time For Action Is Now

With Lufthansa announcing a quarterly profit in September for the first time since COVID-19, it is clear that the return of travel is here.

With the death of the third party cookie fast approaching, marketers must act proactively lest the impending end of unconsented data streams negatively impact you. Adara’s private consortiums can act as the perfect solution. Once first-party data has been onboarded, marketers can gain insight into their audience, and target them more efficiently. Now that the tourism industry is on the road to recovery, investing in improved data stockpiles is a must. 

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