A single number that tells it all​


ADARA Traveler Value Score is the new, powerful metric that accurately assesses your customer’s potential value as a traveler. Generated by a powerful algorithm, the ADARA Traveler Value Score is based on billions of search, booking and loyalty data points from the world’s largest travel companies.

For the first time, brands can understand every traveler’s true revenue potential. Not just today, but based on a 360-degree view of customers’ behaviors and needs across the global travel ecosystem, over time. Activate ADARA Traveler Value Score in marketing, e-commerce, business intelligence and customer service to extract maximum lifetime customer value.

A lens for better decision making​

ADARA Traveler Value Score provides unprecedented insight into share of travel spend with your customers and the ability to measure their engagement with your brand over time. Use ADARA Traveler Value Score to:

  • Identify high scoring customers with low loyalty status. Tailor your offers to increase share of travel spend.
  • Leverage knowledge beyond demographic data and direct customer interactions to evolve customer lifetime value models.
  • Apply the score across referral channels for a deeper understanding of all customer acquisition channels and to allocate your marketing spend more efficiently. Invest in channels that deliver the customers you value most.