Adara’s Commitment To Tourism Runs Deep



Zeek Coleman
Senior Director, Product Marketing,


I recently joined Adara after more than a decade at Visit Savannah, where I was most recently Director of Data Intelligence. If you’re a destination marketer, you know that our community is relatively tight-knit. If you heard any of the rumors in the past year that I did, you might be wondering why I made the switch. The answer, hopefully, will show just how much Adara is rooted in tourism and how much they are committed to our success now and in the future.

With so much upheaval in the past year, I was curious to learn about Adara’s commitment to the future of tourism. With their new product releases in privacy and data, I wondered if there was a lack of focus on tourism. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, not only has Adara’s biggest market been tourism over the years, they doubled down, both from a technology and a staffing perspective, expanding teams (including me) to support this focus. 

With messaging in the market about privacy and identity, it also felt like Adara was expanding beyond the tourism foundation, and that prompted me to ask some questions about their product offering and vision for the future. I was truly blown away by what I saw. Unlike many other companies in the market, Adara is investing in privacy and identity specifically to benefit tourism marketers as digital evolves. 

Adara is the only solution I found in my due diligence that has the vision, scale and innovation to create a solution that will carry tourism marketing through the future. Adara was the only company to explain to me the effects of what I call the “Digital Apocalypse.” You may have heard about Apple IDFA or Google Chrome no longer allowing the same kind of tracking and targeting on their properties. This directly affects tourism marketing. I spoke to every smart partner I knew and while all of them acknowledged what Adara told me was true, none of them (other than Adara) offered satisfactory solutions to equip me as a destination to counter the issue.

The final piece of the puzzle was supplied by one of the smartest engineers I know. He not only acknowledged the privacy challenges but his solution was to build a privacy token and leverage some sort of SDK or lease those tools from a company that has built those. When I heard that, I was both surprised and excited because those were the exact same solutions Adara was sharing with me. Here I was freaking out about the impending doom and my smartest engineer friend just described the solution of a company trying to hire me!

It suddenly clicked – Adara’s expansion was just that, an expansion, not a departure. All tourism marketers can rest easy that Adara’s product roadmap directly addresses any concerns about targeting and measurement that will arise as the internet giants make changes to our digital world. 

Let’s face it, 2020 and even 2021 has been weird, at best. We are all in uncertain territory. In addition to new solutions that secure the future of digital for DMOs, Adara has recently introduced a variety of new options that make it much easier to work with the company on your terms. 

I needed to know that what I signed up for was a winning opportunity, and it is. The future requires all of us to address changes happening in digital. Google FLoC and Turtle Dove are things we all need to get familiar with. Also, you’ll want to understand Apple’s privacy changes in iOS 14.5 and the other changes to come. Adara is the right partner to manage through all of it.


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