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Turbo-Charge Your Social Media Advertising Campaigns

Leverage Real-Time Audience Segments and Intent Data to Exceed Your Goals

ADARA data for social media helps you optimize the performance of your Facebook and Instagram campaigns by giving you access to 6,000+ audience segments based on real-time customer behavior data. Now, you can leverage highly actionable, real-time transaction and intent data to delivery hyper-personalized products and messages across all stages of the customer journey.

Targeting options for Facebook and Instagram campaigns are limited if you want to expand beyond native audience data such as demographics, interests, and Facebook activities.

This lack of audience segmentation based on real-time behavioral data blunts your ability to target consumers with truly personalized content and offers at scale.

ADARA Social changes all that. By leveraging actionable, real-time transaction and intent data for more than one billion customer profiles, you can accurately target audiences with relevant offers and optimize your media spent.

This identity-based, privacy-safe customer segmentation data is updated daily and sourced from more than 1 billion digital identities in our global data consortium, which includes shared intelligence from the world’s leading brands.

Customer segmentation powered by our consortium isn’t just for targeting the consumers you know you want to reach. With ADARA Social, you feed real-time contextual data to Facebook and Instagram targeting algorithms, enabling them to accurately and predictively identify new audiences with similar traits and behavioral patterns.

ADARA Makes It Easy

With ADARA Social, boosting the performance of your campaigns on Facebook and Instagram is a snap:

You can apply this data across all Facebook and Instagram ad types to accurately target audiences, optimize ad spend, and increase the profitability of your marketing programs

Precision Targeting

We identify high-value target audiences who are most likely to convert.

Optimal Relevancy

Data is updated daily, eliminating latency that could diminish your program effectiveness.

Accelerated Time to Market

With ADARA Cortex Catalog, you can push our data sets directly to your Facebook and Instagram accounts—and apply it to your campaigns instantly.

Trusted Data

Our data is ethically-sourced and compliant with privacy regulations.

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