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Empower Google Ads to Identify the Right Customers–and Those Who Aren’t–in

Having a customer engagement strategy for Google Ads is commonplace. Whether it’s Google Search, Gmail, YouTube, or Google Shopping, you know your customers are there, and Google Ads offers powerful tools for delivering interactive messages to your customers. But it’s not without challenges. Chief among them: innovating your customer engagement to accelerate targeted outcomes.

With ADARA Search solutions, you gain the edge you need to take the performance of your Google Ads presence to a whole new level. We integrate directly into your current Google Ads instance to deliver identity-based customer segmentation, powered by our 1 billion digital identities sourced from ADARA’s global consortiums and segmented into 100+ signals.

Add rich context to your Google Ads-based engagements across segments including:

  • eCommerce
  • Wealth
  • Travel
  • Age
  • Homeownership
  • Finance

Customer segmentation powered by our consortium isn’t just for finding who you want to engage with. With ADARA Search, you’re feeding context to Google’s algorithms, letting it know who to target, and who might not be within your target market.

Worried about compliance? Empowering your engagements with ADARA Search comes with our Data Rights Management platform, which enables you to score your known customer base against ADARA’s consortium data prior to activation to ensure that you’re accelerating outcomes within Google Ads policy.

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