Provide Seamless Paths for New Policy Applications While Eliminating Fraud 

Fueling Higher Conversion, Less Fraud, and More Profit Through the Power of
Global Data 

Insurance providers depend on ADARA’s global dataset to target, personalize, and verify new customers through the policy creation workflow, and to then secure those accounts and policies from fraudulent logins.

The challenges of the digital economy pose both a huge opportunity and an up-leveled risk for insurers–especially in light of our new realities. 

According to McKinsey, the adoption of digital channels to purchase and manage insurance has accelerated rapidly since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly 1/3 of all consumers who have ever used mobile or online channels to buy or manage their policies have done so in 2020.

With this rapid shift, how do you expand and differentiate your business online? How do you identify customers that are in-market for your policies? How do you target the right customer with the right policy? And how do you achieve all of this securely?

ADARA is the Answer

You know that it all comes down to data. But not just any dataset will do.  You need a real-time dataset that’s accurate, global in scope, sourced from the world’s largest, most trusted multinational enterprises, and meets compliance with the latest data privacy regulations. 

That’s why insurers count on ADARA’s global data assets to acquire customers, lead them down a personalized path to policy creation, and then secure these customer accounts against cybercriminals.

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